By: Agency Deluxe

December 20, 2021 at 18:45 PM EST

Insights Magazine Success Secrets Issue Featuring bestselling author Jack Canfield, ("The Success Principles", "Chicken Soup For The Soul"), and 75 Top Authorities. Out of those 75, Agency Deluxe and Rune Ellingsen as well.

On the topic of successful thinking and ways to see things differently to overcome hurdles and to achieve success, a collection of minds has come together to share their take on the mentioned topic for others to study, be inspired, and/or adopt.

Insights Magazine is all about Lifestyle.

The issue spoken of can be found here.

And in short, the magazine covers these sub-topics: Business, finance, health, inspiration, life, love, money, motivation, positivity, success and wealth.

Success Secrets success - positive thoughts - life - love - bliss - health - wealth - inspiration. Top visionaries share their words of wisdom, success secrets, positive thoughts, and the defining moments that have shaped their lives.

Rune Ellingsen is the owner and founder of Agency Deluxe, and has been an entrepreneur since 2009. He's a lifelong advocate of personal development for achieving boundary-breaking beliefs within the paradigms in our own minds.

Rune's initial journey as an entrepreneur started after he watched Bob Proctor on the Oprah Winfrey show where the theme was "success thinking", and more precisely, the movie named "The Secret", by Rhonda Byrne. Featuring: Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith, Joe Vitale, Marie Diamond, Lisa Nichols, and many more.

In Rune's words: "It changed my life forever from what I had been taught in school, to what was possible, and it all started with a single documentary. All because generous great minds shared their take and wisdom on how to become greater and get the success you want, without hesitation or limits. Just a different way of thinking; learning that, and living like it ever since altered my perception for the rest of my life without any doubt."

Rune also claims that all of his transformations did not happen overnight but with relentless study and adaptation of techniques to remember the teachings. "These things became second nature and worked without effort after enough time and the first initial effort was invested."

Many years later Rune Ellingsen started a service for people to get attention online. This was after years in the marketing space.

Rune is honored to be mentioned in the same setting as thought leaders that helped pave way for his entrepreneurial life and is forever grateful he says.

His role in Insights Magazine, Success Secrets is not big, but for Rune, it is more than anything 'proof of concept'. Rune hopes it can inspire others looking to grow their life in personal and professional ways beyond the imaginary borders of constraint from not having the appropriate knowledge earlier in life.

"There's always more, life is abundant," in Rune's words.

Today, Rune has a deep focus on helping others with their visibility online and can be found at where he serves his clients. When he is not doing that he is either social doing networking or invested in utilizing other strategic marketing efforts after years in the industry.


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